Industrial Floor/Concrete colouring:

Building materials industry is one of the biggest applications of iron oxide pigments for colouring concrete and/or mortar and being extensively applied in: Concrete Roofing Tile, Stamped Concrete, Colour Paving Stone, Colored Asphalt, Median Strip, Commercial & Industrial Floor works, etc.

Cemen Tile/Concrete/Paving Block/Terrazzo:

Iron oxide Pigment is directly added into cement to color up various indoor and outdoor cement surfaces, applicable to: Terrazzo indoor tile, Encaustic Cement tile, Floor & Wall Ceramics, Artistic Outdoor Tile, Paving block, Garden bricks, etc. .

Anti-Rust Coating/ Oil Painting

Iron oxide Pigment is also applicable to anti-rust painting, oil painting, roof polishing, as well as various additives for painting.

Chemical Fertilizer/ Plastic Tape

Lumber dyes give wood treatment identity and indicate wood which has been treated with flame retardants, insecticides and fungicides.

Dyes, pigment dispersions colorants for fertilizer and agricultural products helping to differentiate qualities and applications.

Concrete Roof Tile/ Dyed Roof

Colored concrete roof tiles bring an element of color to individual designs and roofing work.