About us

HONGHA Pigment was founded in 1986, more than 30 years of experience as a specialized manufacturer of inorganic pigments, including iron oxide pigment and compound pigment . Our product line offer a wide array of pigments that can be applied in various industries ranging from construction, terrazzo brick, ceramics, coatings, fertilizers, wood primer, roofing tiles, floor painting, and other industrial usage.

As an extension of our product range, we’re manufacturer of other specialty compound/organic pigments.

With commitment to sustainable growth based on technical and production capabilities that permits to market innovative and efficient products. Accredited with national certification our quality system supports to ensure HONGHA’s products adhere to the international standards of quality and pay serious attention to environmental protection through applying advanced wastewater system technology.  

We’ve been spreading networking through distributing to well-known local companies and growth in partnership with Southeast Asia market: Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and more to come which we procure qualified products to develop various grade colours and also supply customized varied hues of color.

Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, HONG HA’s philosophy of continuous improvement of quality products, services and productivity at the most efficient costs will bring customer satisfaction as the core value.

our vision

achieved through

  1. Continuous investing in R&D
  2. Pre & post sales services
  3. Process and productivity improvements
  4. Colour matching and application advisory services